My name is Jerry Dickerson.   I live in Clovis, a suburb of Fresno, in the California Central Valley.   I work at Community Medical Centers (www.CommunityMedical.org) as a Project Manager overseeing Healthcare IT projects.

My Family @ Clovis Hills Community Church, Christmas 2014

My Family @ Clovis Hills Community Church – Christmas 2014

I am a recovering workaholic blessed by a loving wife, Leah, and two beautiful daughters, Elowyn and Gigi, who have been my inspiration to continually seek work-life balance.  I have a heart for other Dads and men who are looking for similar reconcilation in their lives.   To this end, I dedicated this blog, “A Story Worth Telling”, to all those men who like myself have struggled with not wrapping their identity solely in their job but seek instead to find meaning in the relationships they have with those who love them and at times compete with their careers for attention.

To support this purpose, I serve in several community roles as a volunteer to include being an Elder in Men and Family Ministries at Clovis Hills Community Church (www.clovishills.com) and Outreach Director for the local California Central Valley Chapter (www.pmi-ccvc.org).

I invite you to read about these ‘stories worth telling’ and perhaps consider telling your own…

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    • Hello David… just saw you posted this and another similar comment several weeks ago. Yes, I’d be happy to meet up with you sometime. I know we discussed my getting my Veterans card while you were still with the VA but I neglected to follow up on that. I’ll try to e-mail you privately on a time to meet up. Thanks for the link to Erich Roeder’s youtube channel. I’ve watched and enjoyed a few of the old “Eye on Princeton” videos there.

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